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The Vision

The Unison Project is a non-profit community dedicated to bringing addiction treatment into the 21st century. Leveraging cutting edge innovations in data science, we’ve developed an open source, secure platform where patients, clinicians, and researchers can freely contribute data and collaborate in ways that were previously incomprehensible.

The Need

We are in the midst of a public health crisis. Despite the staggering prevalence of addiction and the overwhelming impact on the healthcare system, it estimated that only 1 in 10 people struggling receive treatment.

An accessible and efficient system of collaboration is imperative to developing a standard of care that is rooted in science, making treatment effective, accessible and affordable.

Roadblocks to Progress:

  1. Addiction is a chronic illness, yet most treatment is acute in nature.
  2. Addiction is a complex problem involving psychological, neurobiological, and social factors requiring a multidisciplinary approach, yet treatment is fragmented among providers limiting the continuity of care.
  3. We are unable to efficiently identify and understand the interaction among co-occurring addictions and psychological disorders, limiting the efficacy of treatment.
  4. The gap between research and practice is immense.
  5. The stigma that continues to surround addiction remains one of the biggest obstacles to progress.

Our Platform

The unison platform is a dynamic ecosystem where patients, clinicians, and researchers can freely contribute, analyze and use data in real-time to inform and personalize care.


EMPOWERING patients to take an active role in their treatment by creating a space where they can ANONYMOUSLY contribute data through mobile apps and wearables. Getting direct feedback from their treatment team and seeing their PROGRESS in real-time, we will combat the STIGMA that prohibits patients from getting help.


EXPANDING the research process to include data gathered by clinicians in the field will help close the enormous gap between research and practice. Clinicians will be able to easily COLLABORATE with other members of the treatment team and make personalized treatment decisions based on REAL-TIME, de-identified patient data.


Our OPEN SCIENCE approach will provide access to vast amounts of de-identified patient data, facilitating collaboration and rapidly moving DISCOVERY forward. With increased sample sizes and DIVERSITY, insights will be more generalizable and reach more patients.

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